About Us

Enervation is a company committed to renewable energy

Enervate means "to deprive of force or strength". This company focuses on using proven wind turbine technology to generate electricity in a clean safe manner by taking the force and strength of the wind and converting it into energy for homes and businesses.

Our Mission:

"To produce as much renewable energy as possible, in a safe, ethical manner, while realizing reasonable financial rewards for all those who participate in the project."

At Enervation we realize the importance of a strong corporate initiative to produce renewable energy. The success of America has been driven by the entrepreneurial spirit embodied in the country's businesses.

Our plan is to focus this spirit to achieve our goal.

We recognize that modern commercial renewable energy production is a business of scale. This fact makes it difficult for individual small producers to profitably produce renewable energy. Enervation strives to provide an investment vehicle for persons and businesses who want to be part of the solution to current and future energy needs. By being solely focused on renewable energy our investors can rest assured that their investment is fully committed to renewable energy.

We further recognize that the energy generation and distribution business requires partnership between the private sector and the public sector in order to meet the world's growing demand for energy.

Over the coming years Enervation will bring online new energy generating capacity providing a significant number of megawatt hours of renewable based electricity. This capacity will be professionally designed and managed to ensure reliable production for years to come.

We invite you to join us on our mission.

Here's how:
If you have a large manufacturing facility, are a municipal utility, datacenter or other large electrical power consumer. If you are looking for a risk-free renewable energy source in the 5 million to 30 million KWHR range annually, Enervation has a solution for you! By risk-free we mean that your only obligation is the purchase of the power. Our team will design, permit, finance, construct, operate, insure and maintain the generation system from inception to decommissioning at end of life. All you do is pay for the power at a competitive price. You don't need to take out a loan, issue a bond or deal with the complexities that are involved with a utility scale generation project. We do all that for you, while allowing you to prove to the world, your customers and your employees your commitment to renewable energy and a sustainable planet!